Melissa and Alice’s Sijahk Yoga Adventure

I’m doing a little writing/marketing work for Sijahk Yoga.  So I went there to observe how this new, empowering mix of yoga and taekwondo actually goes down.  Because of Alice, I didn’t expect to participate, but Christine allowed me to join in at the end, even with my shoes on.

I jumped in as she was finishing up the session with first portion of the Goddess form.  It felt really good – I didn’t realize exactly how tight my legs muscles are since I’ve been off my normal fitness routine for a month now.  I’m going to practice those poses – and the other stretches – to try to keep myself as pliable as possible.

This outing also reinforced for me my need to squeeze in any form of exercise I can until I can get back to running and my need to get serious about eating better.  Those mirrors in a martial arts facility are very unforgiving.



See the line I added?  Compare that to the line of my outer leg.  Yeah.  The outside of my thigh used to run parallel to the line (and the piping on my pants), when I wore these pants last summer.  Today, I saw just how far my hips are jutting out.  I felt like I looked like a block in the mirror.

Time for Alice and I to get busy.


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