Name That Shoe – Part Deux

I thought I was going to have a hard time settling on a name for The Shoe – because I liked all of my choices so much I didn’t know how to pick.  But in an unexpected turn of events, my mother offered up a name I like even better.

But before I get to that, allow me to share additional suggestions from my friends:

  • Michele offered Shoewood, Tootsie (kind of imagined myself going, “We ready to go, Toots?”), Anita Seat, Go-Go (as in “go, go Gadget foot), Happy (as in Happy Feet), and The Great Gazoo.
  • Amy offered Sammy (as in Sammy Sneaker).
  • My brother suggested Skip.

Now, without further ado, allow me to introduce (drum roll, please)…..


Alice Marie

Alice Marie

Mom read the list of names I’d brainstormed, then she declared, “Alice,” with an it’s-so-obvious nod.  Her tone was so final and the suggestion so hilarious, it couldn’t be anything but Alice.

Her middle name is Marie simply because  15-20% of all women apparently have that as a middle name – with the other ~80% divided roughly evenly among, Ann(e), Lynn(e), Mary, Leigh, Sue and Elizabeth.

Of course there was a little more to the decision than that.  We figured it would be great when I’m talking to someone about what Alice and I are up to.

Me: “Alice and I are thinking about trying an indoor cycling class at the Aerobic Center on Friday.”

Someone else: “Alice…? Who the f**k is Alice?”

Mom also accompanied me to Michael’s to buy Alice a face.  I’d planned to get a face before I’d settled on the name.  But of course, I first needed to know first if The Shoe was a boy or a girl.  Luckily we were able to find the eyes and mouth there.  Mom had the flower for her hair at home.  Emily has some other flower hair clips, so Alice can change it up with her moods.  And boy is she moody.  She also has a sassy side:

Alice after a few drinks

Alice after a few drinks

Yeah, Alice and I are going to make the most of these three weeks together.


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