Not Really Over It

I’d thought I was “over” the fact that I had to bail on the Pittsburgh half marathon.  And I was until Friday when my friends started posting pictures from the expo, of their race packets, of the outfits they’d laid out.  Then I got really sad about it.  Like had-to-have-a-little-cry-sad about it.

I texted my friend Nina to say that I was proud of and excited for all my friends who’d be running, but that I was way bummed.  Moments later the phone rang.  Without first saying ‘hello,’ Nina declared, “Well then you’re a bigger person than I am because if I couldn’t go, I’d hate everyone of those #$%&ers.”  And oddly, that cheered me.

I continued to be somewhat bummed all day Saturday, although a bike ride on the Five Star Trail with my dad helped keep my mind off of it some.  We rode the whole trail out and back.  That was interesting because I never traveled to the very end of the trail before.  I’m getting better at mounting and dismounting the bike already, but I’m still not skilled enough to do it gracefully if I have to do it abruptly:


This happened when we had to stop at an intersection.  I thought Dad had paused and then started again to cross, and I intended to just follow him.  But I looked down for a second and realized too late that he had stopped again.  Damn near hurt us both as I almost crashed right into him (I did bump him).  The boo boo above is what happened when I fell off the bike dismounted quickly.

Anyway, twelve miles on the bike was fun, but it’s just not that hard (at least on the flat trail) as compared to running.  I was barely sweaty after, and I’m typically drenched after a run.  I guess I need to keep at it until I feel confident enough to ride on some low-traffic roads and incorporate non-level terrain to make it more of a challenge.

As for the rest of my weekend, since I only had to get up early enough on Sunday to track my friends’ splits online, Alice and I decided to share some wine on Saturday night.  Drunky Alice:

Sharing some Riesling from Barefoot.  Ironic, innit?

Sharing some Riesling from Barefoot. Ironic, innit?

Sunday morning, I kept track off all my runner friends online.  Everyone did SO well and I am incredibly proud of them.  The aforementioned Nina set a full marathon PR by TEN minutes, despite knee issues and missing her 18- and 20-mile training runs due to illness.  Totally badass!  Another friend went to MedExpress yesterday afternoon to see if she might have pneumonia – after running a 2:23 half.  Now that is just sick.  Several other friends finished their very first halfs in under 2:10.  At least two friends sent half PRs by several minutes.  I’m just in awe of what these runners have accomplished.  And in spite of being all kinds of pissed off that they brought home some way-cool medals and I didn’t, they’ve inspired me like crazy.

And THAT is what got me out of bed to run this morning.  Since everyone ran hard yesterday, I had no one to run with this morning.  With no set time to run, I kept hitting ‘snooze,’ and for about 45 minutes, I argued with myself about running versus sleeping in.  But then I thought about my friends who ran yesterday (and YES who brought home medals I don’t have!).  I thought about how well they did.  I thought about how, despite struggling to walk up and down stairs, they’re already planning more races.  I thought about how I want to be able to join them.  I thought about how hard they’ve trained and how far they’ve come – and about how much work I’ll have to do just to catch up with them again.

So I got up at the last minute and walked out my door to do the interval run that I’d planned for.  And that, I guess, is all I can do to really get over it: Keep planning, keep training, and keep looking ahead to the races I will do this year.


In other news, my foot is still not quite right.  It doesn’t hurt when I walk or run.  It’s pretty much fine anytime I have my shoes on.  But it is still causing me some discomfort.  I got back to the orthopedic doc on Thursday for my follow up.  I’m anxious to hear what he has to say.  Praying that I need some physical therapy or something and that I can keep running on it while I see if it improves.    Fingers crossed!


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