May 2013 Run-Down

I just totally stole this idea from Chunky Wonder Woman (whom I totally love)!  If you know me, you know I’m ticked I didn’t come up with her concept first.  It makes total sense that I’d copy something she’s doing.

I’ve never looked before at how many miles I’ve covered in a month or in a year.  But then, I did not have accurate data for 2012, as I only got my Garmin last June.  Here goes:

May 2013:

Miles Run:  46.39
Time Running: 8:20:16
Average Pace: 10:42 min/mile

Miles Biked*: 12
Average Speed: 10 mph

Pounds lost: 4
Pounds found: 4 😦

Race for the Cure (5K): 29:21
Service Above Self (5K): 27:08 (est time on 3.1 course = 28:24)


  • May 5th – SO proud of all my friends who ran the Pittsburgh Marathon, Half Marathon, or Relay!
  • May 6th – Hated all of those people and their stupid, shiny medals.
  • Meeting my friends Amy and Chrissy on Mondays for track workouts for a change of pace (literally, figuratively).
  • May 15th – my first run with my 5:00 AM girls in over a month!
  • Chilling with my mom and uncle for the Race for the Cure;  Getting to see one of my BRFs (best running friends), Nina there, too.
  • Racing with LOTS of friends at Service Above Self on Memorial Day!
  • Winning my division at Service Above Self.
Yes, it's a dog tag. Fitting, as the race benefits active military & veterans, if a smidgen creepy.

Yes, it’s a dog tag. Fitting, as the race benefits active military & veterans, if a smidgen creepy.

  • I forgot to mention this about Monday’s race!  On my drive over to the race, I saw a woman running up the street wearing a red t-shirt and star-spangled leggings like this:

images (1)

For a split-second, I was all, “WTF?” and then I realized she was doing a memorial run or otherwise celebrating the holiday.  I double tooted the horn at her and she pumped her fist!  I’ve been wanting (even before my Chunky Wonder Woman discovery) to get myself a Wonder Woman-ish getup for races, anyway, so I decided right then and there that I’d get one for next Memorial Day, if I don’t have one sooner.  (Note that Athena gifted Diana/Wonder Woman with her wisdom, so all this fits together neatly!)

If I am not qualified to run as Athena next year (i.e., if I lose the weight that I should, in case that was too subtle), I intend to wear this (from Gypsy Runner) with a red shirt:

Still had to be a SKIRT!

Still had to be a SKIRT!

Otherwise, I’m going to make myself wear and run in this:

To look the part more literally.

To look the part more literally.

Maybe I’ll still allow myself to wear my running shoes.


YTD Run-Down (Jan 1 to May 31, 2013):

Miles Run:  159.03
Time Running: 30:11:12
Average Pace: 11:20 min/mile

Those totals look so lame!  I had been hoping to run 750 miles this year.  To hit that mark now, I’d have to average almost 20 miles a week for the rest of the year.  (Stupid injury!)  I have yet to run 20 miles in a single week, although I think I came close 1-2 weeks last year.  Obviously, I need a goal revision.  Let’s see….

My new goal will be to run an additional 450 miles this year (for 609 total).   That’s just about 15 miles a week, and 20-25% more than I ran in May.  Challenging yet doable, especially with a half marathon (or two?) to train for.

Excited to see what June holds in store!

*I have no biking goals, so how often biking is a part of this roll-up remains to be seen.

** Breakdown
Jan = 23.53 miles
Feb = 43.92
Mar = 36.79
Apr = 8.39
May = 46.39


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