Forgotten June Run-Down

I’ve been quiet here for weeks and weeks.  It’s certainly not that I have too little to say (if you know me, that’s redundant).   The problem is I have too much to say, and I can’t quite boil it down into comprehensible thoughts.

But since it just hit me that I’d intended to do a monthly wrap-up but missed it in the midst of packing up and leaving for our beach vacation, I thought I’d just jump back in with June.

June 2013:

Miles Run:  62.08
Time Running: 11:35:37
Average Pace: 11:06 min/mile

Miles Biked: 0
Average Speed: n/a

Pounds lost: no idea!

Man-Up / Father’s Day  (10K): 1:08:26
    (Awesome experience described here.)


  • June 3:  Maybe I should call this lowlights.  For my track workout, I did three, 5-minute intervals in Zone 3.  I got home and discovered that I was supposed to do five, 3-minute intervals.  Oops.  This  is why I need to always, always, always create the workouts on my watch (and USE it).  When I have to think and run, it never works.
  • Ran some different routes, including Twin Lakes, where I hadn’t been in a while, and Latrobe, where I learned a new ~10K route from my early AM runner friends.
  • I think I got to run with more runner friends than ever!:  Vicki, Sheri, Jill, Tracy, Karin, Rebecca, Amy, Chrissy, Jessica, Nina, Kim H., and Kim T.
  • Ran way more miles than any other month this year – Huzzah!
  • Added a lap swim at the Aerobic Center one day after power pump class.  I forgot how much I actually enjoy swimming – and that I’m half-decent at it.  I have limited opportunities to do this, but I want more!
  • As noted here, I discovered that I can still do a back flip off of a public pool diving board.   This picture was taken at another pool birthday party in July (where I believe I was the only mom in the pool), but here’s the evidence:
The kids look scared.

The kids look scared.

This picture is thanks to Letty.  At first, I was weirded out when it appeared – tagged and all – on Facebook, but then my what the hell? attitude kicked in again.  I’m simultaneously bummed and relieved that she didn’t catch me in mid-air. On one hand, mid-flip would be cool.  On the other, I’m considering all the awful ways it might look, frozen in time.

Strong Finish:

The good news for June is that my numbers put me on target for the goal I set to run an additional 450 miles in 2013.  The bad news is that I’m falling behind again in July, but then I’m getting ahead of myself here.

For the rest of the summer, I’m hoping to keep on track with my mileage goals and continue to “shake it up” a little with a variety of workouts, including more swimming, some power pump-like DVD workouts, maybe some Insanity workouts (EEK!), maybe a bike ride or two, and – post coming soon! – taekwondo!


YTD Run-Down (Jan 1 to June 30, 2013):

Miles Run:  238.41
Time Running: 43:31:59
Average Pace: 10:55 min/mile

** Breakdown
Jan = 23.53 miles
Feb = 43.92
Mar = 36.79
Apr = 8.39
May = 46.39
June = 62.08