September Rundown

Well, September was exciting because it included the big ol’ half marathon on the 14th.  But my stats look so lame compared to August.  For one, last month,  we were in high gear with our training, then we were tapering the first two weeks of September.  So instead of August’s weeks of five miles-five miles,-long run (of up to 11 miles) each week, it was three miles-three miles-long run of just eight (or was it seven?).

Then, the week after the half I ran but a single mile because I came down with the cold from hell.  There was no long run that week at all, and I’ve only done one run longer than three since the half marathon.  I suppose this is all well and good given that you should rest after a big, long race, and because I have no control of the fact that I became ill the week after.  But it’s still kind of bumming me out to look at these statistics and see that I ran almost twice as many miles in August as I did in September.

It’s also scaring me a bit to realize that to hit my goal of 609 miles for the year, I have to run 14.25 miles a week for the rest of the year.  Julie and I have a goal to start routinely completing long runs each week of 8-10 miles (mostly 8s), so that means, I would only have to run an additional six miles each week.  Sounds totally doable except for the fact that my four-week transitional running plan (that starts on Monday) is going to have me doing shorter runs during the week, at least initially.  Even so, this goal seems to be within my reach for 2013.

Well, that covered my (one) highlight and my lowlights for the month, but I’ll just throw in this awesome picture of Amy, Julie and me from after the half.  Note that Julie is wearing her age-group award!  (Whereas, I’m just holding the remnants of my PB&J.)


September 2013 Stats:

Miles Run:  46.77
Time Running: 8:43:10
Average Pace: 11:11

Other Activities:  None.  (Need to do something about this!)

Races:  My “big” Greensburg Half Marathon!  With a PR time of 2:16:01

YTD Stats:

Miles Run:  416.95
Time Running: 76:36:39
Average Pace: 11:02

** Breakdown
Jan = 23.53 miles
Feb = 43.92
Mar = 36.79
Apr = 8.39
May = 46.39
June = 62.08
July 50.12
Aug = 81.62
Sept = 46.77

Miles to hit 2013 goal: 192.05

Strong Finish:

Ugh!  All I have for a “strong finish” for the month is that I managed a five-mile “run” (there was a good bit of walking) with Julie on Saturday, September 29th.  It wasn’t the best run, but at least I rebounded from my illness enough to get a “longer” run in, after the half, and before the month was out.

Here’s hoping for a spectacular October!


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