October Rundown

So I was hoping for a spectacular October, and I kind of fell flat on that hope.  I ran WAY less than any other month since I was injured in the spring.  I knew my numbers would be down because I was adopting a new training regime to transition slowly to zero-drop shoes, but I did fewer runs than I’d planned.  (You’d think I’d have been extra motivated to train after that lousy, 30+ minute 5K the first weekend of the month, but what can I say?)  There were weather obstacles, sleep-deprivation obstacles, and then there was me, getting in my own way.  Specifically, I had difficulty motivating myself to get up to run alone.  I’ve since remedied that situation by making arrangements to meet Julie in the mornings, even if our runs don’t sync and we can’t stick together throughout.  So it will get better.

But that bad news is that I just calculated what it will take to reach my miles goal for the year:  19.16 miles per week for the rest of the year.  Unless I start doing longer runs through the week, starting right away, I’m going to fall short.  I don’t think that I can do it, and I’m not sure that it’s wise to even attempt it.  I think I have to stick to the training plan I’ve laid out for myself and let the chips fall where they may.  Another goal reset then!  And that is to actually stick to my training plan and not wimp out in favor or more sleep or letting bad weather get the best of me.

The good news is that I do love my new shoes!  I ran three miles in them this morning (Monday 4 November), my longest run in them so far, and they’re starting to feel natural to me.  I’m feeling better and better about this transition.  Another week or two of doing my short runs in them, and I’ll be able to start wearing them for longer runs – and to begin the testing and post-transition phases of my winter training!

September 2013 Stats:

Miles Run:  29.15
Time Running: 5:02:52
Average Pace: 10:54

Other Activities:  None.  (STILL need to do something about this!)

Races:  Pitt Greensburg 5k, with the lame-o time of 30:05, but it was still good enough for 3rd place that day.  (And I made a new running friend – so that made it worth it, too!)

YTD Stats:

Miles Run:  446.10
Time Running: 81:39:31
Average Pace: 11:06

** Breakdown
Jan = 23.53 miles
Feb = 43.92
Mar = 36.79
Apr = 8.39
May = 46.39
June = 62.08
July 50.12
Aug = 81.62
Sept = 46.77
Oct = 29.15

Miles to hit 2013 goal: 162.9
Not going to make it.  Goal reset = stick to workouts on my training plan, and run four days each week.

Strong Finish:

Again, I don’t have a strong finish for October.  This. Must. Not. Become. A. Pattern!  Enough.

I am going to make November count – both with sticking to my running plan and with (finally) adding back in some cross-training.

Look out November, I mean business this time1