November Rundown

It seems it’s been two steps forward, two three steps back for me and running/fitness since September.  I was all psyched to keep up with the ~20 mile weeks after the half marathon, and then I got the cold that wouldn’t die (almost three weeks!).  As I started to bounce back from that, schedules and the weather messed with us a few days.  And of course there were a couple of lazy days where I “over-snoozed” when the alarm went off.

Fewer runs.  Shorter runs.  Slower paces.

But I slowly started to get my motivation up and get all my runs in.  That was typically two runs during the week, plus a longer run over the weekend.  But I feel my best when I run four days a week, so I set that as an intermediate goal.  I was so pleased with myself a few weeks ago when I got myself up early Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to run.  Then that very same Friday night – before my scheduled, Saturday long run with Julie – I got a stomach “thing.”  I’m still not sure whether it was the flu or food poisoning, but that set me back a week’s worth of runs.  Then there were a few more lousy weather days, an over-snooze or two, plus a family weekend trip (Yay!) that eliminated Friday and Saturday runs, and here we are again:

Fewer runs.  Shorter runs.  Slower paces.

The last day of November, I woke up with a sore throat and skipped the long run.  I also missed running Monday as a result of that minor illness, so my December isn’t off to a great start,either.  But I’m planning to change that!  The bad news is that, although I ran today (it’s Wednesday, November 4th, as I write this) – and I ran four miles instead of the typical weekday three – I can’t run tomorrow or Friday, as Bob is out of town at a conference.  The good news is that I get to go to what promises to be a super-fun race on Saturday with Jessica – The Christmas Story 10K.  I’m ever so happy that I never intended to race it.  I’m just going for the fabulous swag and the company of a good friend.

In addition to the "It's a major award!" medal, with get these sweet goodies!

In addition to the “It’s a major award!” medal, with get these sweet goodies!

I never planned to worry about my time – which is extra good because I haven’t run more than five miles since the half marathon.  In September.  Maybe it’s just the thing I need to re-kickoff the longer-than-five-mile weekend runs I had planned earlier in the fall!

November 2013:

Miles Run:  33.51
Time Running: 6:12:59
Average Pace: 11:07 min/mile


None / None planned

Highlights – Nothing particularly sexy to report, but some tidbits that made me happy this month:

  • First week of the month, ran three (instead of two) days during the week.  Plus, that Friday’s run was completed with Chrissy, whom I hadn’t seen in a while and had been missing terribly.
  • Related to the above, completed another Friday run with Chrissy and Beth in their neighborhood – always a treat to see more runner friends and run a different route!
  • I’ve yet to do a “long” run (i.e., 5+ miles) in my zero-drop Altras, but I’ve been wearing them all month, and they feel pretty “normal” to me now!  (Even though I have been failing to do the related, slant board exercises routinely….)
  • I completed a three-mile run alone, around my neighborhood.  I usually prefer running with a buddy because 1) it helps prevent the aforementioned over-snoozing and 2) it’s fun to have company and chat.  But this was a “big deal” because A) I proved to myself that I can be disciplined enough to get out of bed without someone else holding me accountable, B) the solitude was a nice change, C) it was fun to get back to my original running neighborhood, and D) it felt like a treat to listen to music while running again (it was an extra treat because I had some new music to listen to, as well!).

Strong Finish!

I feel like falling behind (and feeling bummed and frustrated about it) has been the unfortunate theme for this fall.  But I have no choice but to pick myself back up again, after each setback, and start anew!  Especially since most of the setbacks have been beyond my control.  I guess this is where I should, first, give myself credit for keeping at it in spite of those setbacks.

But to keep it moving, I’m setting some basic goals for the month.  First, I’m planning to run at least three times a week.  Specifically, I am scheduling myself to run Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday each week, but I’m not going to beat myself up if circumstances interfere with one of the weekday runs.  Also, I’m going to stretch at least one of the weekday runs to 4+ miles.  And – assuming Saturday’s 6.2 doesn’t hurt me – I intend to run at least six miles on my weekend outings.  I believe this is a stretch without pushing myself too far, too fast.  That is, it’s achievable!

The year’s had it’s ups and downs, but I can finish with a bang!


YTD* Run-Down (Jan 1 to Nov 30, 2013):

Miles Run:  479.62
Time Running: 87:52:32
Average Pace: 10:59 min/mile
Total runs: 114**

More geek stats:

Jan = 23.53 miles
Feb = 43.92
Mar = 36.79
Apr = 8.39
May = 46.39
June = 62.08
July = 50.12
Aug = 81.62
Sept = 46.77
Oct = 29.15
Nov = 33.51

** Runs per month – Just started looking at this number.  Here are the months:

Jan = 6 (when I initially twisted my ankle)
Feb = 8
Mar = 4 (when I decided to rest my foot)
Apr = 4 (when the doctor told me I had to rest my foot)
May = 16 (Heck yeah!)
June = 15
July = 13
Aug = 16 (~Ideal!)
Sept = 12
Oct = 10
Nov = 10