Playing Catch-Up, Part I

Let’s see….  I’ve been lazy and not logging enough miles over the last 2-3 months.  And it’s hard to get motivated to blog about running when you’re, you know, NOT really running much.  Yes, yes, Mother Nature is partly to blame, but I have to take at least some responsibility for my lack of miles.

I’d started a December and year-end rundown post, but never finished it.  Two months, and a mere 105 miles later, here I sit, trying to figure out where to begin.  I have both too little and too much to say!  Let’s start with the easy wins.

I never shared A Christmas Story 10K post race.  This, my friends, was totally worth getting up at 4:00AM for!  Lots of people dressed up.


Jessica and I weren’t that ambitious.

Ms. Jessica Marks, making this look gooood, before setting a 10K PR.

Ms. Jessica Marks, making this look gooood, before setting a 10K PR.

But we had a great time.

Sporting our Major Awards

Sporting our Major Awards

I mean, LOOK at these things!  I didn’t expect them to be so big.

It really IS a MAJOR award!

It really IS a MAJOR award!

So let’s review what happened since then.


I had a lot more runs planned than actually executed.  Mostly the weather intervened.  Twice, when it was potentially-lose-a-toe-cold outside, my generous running babes treated me to guest passes to treadmill at the Y.  Other cold or icy days, I told myself I was going to get up and treadmill in my basement.  I didn’t.

Until one Wednesday a couple of weeks ago when I finally, finally dragged my butt to the basement only to learn….MY TREADMILL IS DEAD.  Well, not dead, but the belt is slipping.  And it’s ancient.   It’s a wonder it lasted me this long, so I don’t think it’s worth having someone come and attempt to fix it.  Especially since, um, I don’t really use it.  Ever.

On one hand, I hate the thing and can’t say that it will be missed much.  On the other hand, I owe this old, loud thing a debt of gratitude.



If it weren’t for this old thing, I never would have started.  I started running in the winter, one exhausting minute at a time, when I would have been too embarrassed to go outside to run (where people could see me).  It was only after the weather warmed up some, and I could run for, say, a quarter mile or more at a time, that I was brave enough to head out and hit the street.  Where, naturally, I learned that running around outside beats the snot out of being alone in your basement.

So I cheer and yet I cry that my trusty treadmill has passed.   I plan to give it a big, awkward hug before we drag it to the curb to be picked up by Waste Management (once the driveway thaws enough to get it out there).

The very day that I learned that I couldn’t use my treadmill anymore, I signed up at Planet Fitness.  (Or as I’m calling it, the poor girl’s Y.)  I have already gone a few times when the weather was too crappy to get outside.  I still hate to treadmill, but it’s significantly less painful in a place with ginormous fans, lots of open space, other people, and TVs (even though they all seemed to be tuned to news or sports and I don’t watch them).  Now that I have a gym membership, at least I can start being consistent with my runs, even if the weather continues to be an obstacle.

I intially titled this post, “Playing Catch-Up,” but I just added the “Part I,” because I realized that I’m so not going to get it all in one post.  It’s weird that I have so much to say over so little running!  Next time, I will bring you up to speed on my (lack of) training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon – and how I came up with the coin to register for it when I thought my budget was going to force me to pass again this year!


Because I had the stats ready, anyhow….

2013 Run-Down:

Miles Run:  506.94
Time Running: 92:57:45
Average Pace: 11:00 min/mile
Total runs: 121


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