Slacka$$! And Weird Data

Just for fun, I thought I’d play a little bit of catch up before the pre- and post-race excitement begins here shortly (expo TOMORROW!).  I’d been dragging my feet like crazy about blogging here, primarily because we’d all been dragging our feet – almost literally – about running.

My intentions were good.  Soooo good.  I was going to train, train, train for the Pittsburgh half marathon, once I’d finally gotten registered in December.  Then winter set in.  Set in hard.  But you know about that, and I’m sure neither of us feels like revisiting that topic, now that the weather has begun its attempt to look like spring.

So rather than writing posts titled things like, “Look How Few Miles I Ran This Week!”   Or, “Taking Sleeping in to a New Level,” I haven’t spent a lot of time on here.

I haven’t done a monthly rundown all year.  But now that Mother Nature finally started to cooperate, and we’re all able to start running consistently again, I thought I’d recap the last four months.  And then I went to Garmin Connect for my reports, and realized that something was amiss.  Check this out:

What's wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?

I had to go back and check, entry by entry for January, and discovered a run, from January 6th, recorded as:

44 Miles
6:53 Minutes
Making the average pace :09/mile

Here’s where my watch seems to think I was:

Was I going in two directions at once?

Proving what I feel like all the time: Going in more than one direction at the same time

I’ve done that thing before where I’ve forgotten to stop my watch and got in the car to drive home.  But clearly, this was something glitchy, as I can neither drive my car 400 MPH, nor fly (which the map would pretty much insist I was doing).  Amusingly glitchy.  THIS turns out to be the reason I also record my workouts in a notebook, with additional details like what the weather’s like and whether or not the gear I’m wearing is sufficient for the day’s elements.

I had attempted to run that morning, but the temp was dropping fast at that precise hour of the morning, and the snow was blowing directly into my eyes.  I ran once around the inside lap at Lynch Field – six tenths of a mile that also registered as a line item on my Garmin activities – and then promptly drove back home.

Anyway.  As much as I’d love to know how that weird Garmin thing happened, let’s just fix this.

That looks more like it

That looks more like it


Check out February, when only seven runs were completed.  UGH, it makes me sad to think about what more could have been achieved in better weather.  However, it’s also interesting that I was spent roughly the same amount of time running in January as I did in February, even though January included almost twice as many outings.

Now that I’ve reviewed the year to date, I have one final training run – a short run of 20-30 minutes, followed by a handful of strides – that I’ll do in the morning.  Then I’ll be toeing the line in three days for the half marathon.  I can’t wait to get there and finally experience my first big race!

Next week, I’ll take a few days off and then get back to my routine of running three days a week, plus my long run on the weekends.  I have to consult some “experts” (my more seasoned running friends) about how soon it’s acceptable to do another long run, and what distance makes sense.  I am hoping to actually do what I intended to do after September’s half marathon, after which I was sidelined with a three-week cold, which is to begin doing weekly long runs of 8+ miles, whether I’m training for something or not.  The idea is to keep my endurance level UP so that, for the next race, I can focus on building more speed.  I’ll continue to search for a fall half marathon that’s inexpensive and that I can drive to one Saturday or Sunday morning in October or November.   I’m hopeful that this is the kick-off of several more months of 80+ mile months and another half marathon in my near future.



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