Summer Runnin’

Summer runnin’, had me a blaa-ast;
Summer runnin’ happened….well okay, not fast.  But still fun!

I did just three races this summer: A 10K in June, a 5K in July at the beach,and a trail 5K in September.  Here come brief highlights from each.


The Obediah Cole Foundation “Man Up” Father’s Day 10K
Otherwise Known as “The Unfortunate Logo Race”

One again, I laced up for the Father’s Day 10K.  My friend Kelli and I drove in together, and we met Nina there.  I probably went over this last year, but here’s the unfortunate logo.




  • Because the logo is so hideous, and the t-shirt is cotton, none of us would actually wear the damn thing.  So I decided to order a XX, thinking I might cut it into rags (more fabric for my money).  I decided to try it on over my clothes in the parking lot, just as Nina was rolling in.  The first thing I hear is, “I’m coming in!”

    Really big shirt

    This is out “get along” shirt.
    (So good to have a friend who just “gets” you!)

  • I decided to run with Kelli, who said she looked like a lady cop (from Reno 911) in her aviator sunglasses.  We were going to help her reach a goal time, but she was in the midst of learning she had a knee thing.  So we fell a little short, but it was still awesome, as we did manage to run the whole race without walking.  Which brings me to:
  • FAVORITE MOMENT:  Somewhere around mile 4-5, we merged with the 5K runners and walkers, and it got a little congested.  Just past the merge point, Kelli and I stopped at a water station.  She elbowed me sharply and said, “Get moving!  That guy just called us ‘walkers.'”  My reply: “WHAT?  [Turning around and holding up my water cup]  We’re not walkers!  We’re drinkers!”  Kelli thanked me for five minutes of pain-free running from that little distraction.

The 5th Annual Independence Day 5K at Myrtle Beach

Julie and I were in Myrtle Beach the same week this summer.  I was on vacation with the family.  She was on a writing retreat for work.  So we decided to get up early together on the 4th to do this race together.


  • The past few years when we’ve gone to the beach, I’ve taken my running gear, but never managed to run three straight miles in that heat.  So my goal was simply to run the whole thing.  I finished in 29:17, making me extra happy to have done it in under 30 minutes.
  • The t-shirts were cotton, but also very nice, soft…not unlike the T I got at the Decker’s Creek Half.  They had other, decent ‘swag’ items like frisbees, bag clips, and flavored lip balm, as well.
  • We felt like badasses just for doing it.  Like you know, “Yeah.  Went on vacation.  Ran a race….”
Palm tree background, baby!

Palm tree background, baby!


Miracles from Maggie Trail 5K

Julie is on the board for this event and insisted that I participate.  I’m very glad I did.  It’s a great event, at a beautiful venue to celebrate the life of a little girl who lost her battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma and to raise money to help kids being treated for serious illness.  Jessica, who’s been doing at least a race a month this year,  joined me.


  • Race is held at the Antiochian Village in Ligonier.  This is what greets you as you enter.

    I've used this as a race mantra on more than one occasion.

    I’ve used this as a race mantra on more than one occasion.

  • It’s a very trail, cross-country-type race, which made it beautiful and brutal all at the same time.  I had to constantly watch my footing and the uphills were hard.  Plus, the downhills were often gravel or riddled with tree roots, so you couldn’t always let it out on the downhill after a climb.  I would have absolutely hated it, but it was so very pretty.  I might even dig trail racing now.
  • They kick it off with information and prayers for Maggie, topped off by a balloon release.  I held it together through the speeches and poems, but cried like a baby as the balloons floated heavenward to Maggie.
    Photo credit: Jessica Marks.  I could hardly look.

    Photo credit: Jessica Marks. I could hardly look.

    My beautiful, happy, healthy girls before the release.  #blessed

    My beautiful, happy, healthy girls before the release. #blessed

  • Gotta love small races and their age-group awards.  Jessica and I were second and third in our age group.  We suspected that there were only three of us in our age group, but there were nine!  It was extra fun to accept with a buddy!
Our super-fun awards!

Our super-fun awards!

Next up: Buffalo Creek Half Marathon

My next, and probably final race for 2014, will be a half on October 18th.  Joining me again will be the lovely Jessica.  My training has been shaky at best, so I’m just hoping it doesn’t totally suck.  Jess and I decided that a race day always kicks the ass of a sit-on-the-couch day, so we really can’t lose, regardless.  Then I intend to use the coming months to prepare for 2015.  I may have some pretty big goals for next year….  It remains to be seen whether I talk myself into or out of these crazy ideas I’m having.


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