Up First: Eating Plan – Cleaning up My Act

One of three components I’ve identified for meeting my health and fitness goals is changing my lifestyle when it comes to food.  Specifically, I’m going to start eating real food exclusively again.  To get me off on the right path, I’ll be starting the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program tomorrow.

I’m excited to embark on the purification because it’s the second time I’ve done it, so I know that I have some really awesome outcomes awaiting me at the end of these three weeks.  (About one week in to my last purification, I wrote about the experience here.) Here are some good things I have to look forward to, based on past experience:

  • Weight loss – I actually forget how much weight I lost over the three weeks (10? 12 pounds?), but I do recall that I lost eight pounds the first week.  And it was “real” (e.g., not water weight) weight, as I was able to wear clothes on Day 8 that absolutely did not fit me on Day 1.
  • Clearer skin – My skin has been one of my problem areas since I turned 40, breaking out once a month – and clearing up just long enough to start it all over the next month.  Here’s a “before” picture of me I took the other day.  WARNING: Between the fact that it was taken during the worst possible phase of the month and the no makeup, it’s scary.

    Skin - before

    Is my nose that knobby in person?

  • De-Puffing – Not only did my skin condition and tone improve, I was less puffy.  Here’s an extreme close up of my eye, also taken a few days ago.  Possibly even scarier than the last picture.  If you can make yourself look at it for more than a moment, you’ll notice that both my upper and lower lids are puffed up like one of those birds, trying to attract a mate.

    Puffy - before

    Are my eyes planning a trip around the world? Because those bags are PACKED.

  • No Food Cravings – At the end of the program, it is so easy to eat real, good, clean food – from the Earth – because you genuinely no longer want to eat any processed garbage, sugary snacks, etc.
  • Caffeine Addiction, Broken – After the 21 days, I was fine without a morning cup of coffee.  Unlike my current state of being.
  • NO Belly Issues – ONE time, when I ate too many sweet potato fries, I had a tummy issue during the last purification.  Other than that, I had no stomach or intestinal discomfort, whereas tummy issues pretty much occur daily when I’m not eating real, nourishing food.
  • NO Joint Discomfort – When I did the purification, and for the months afterward where I continued to eat clean, real food, all my achy “old” parts that tend to bug me stopped.  Stopped.

The downside of starting the process a second time is that I am also very much aware of the challenges I’ll be facing.  The first day is fairly uncomfortable (although I will say that it was not as bad as I expected).  Day 2 is much like Day 1, only a little milder.  I wanted to eat something else in the worst way.  I didn’t specifically crave something salty or something sweet, but I would have settled for either of those things.  I just wanted – craved really is the most accurate word – the bad things we all become addicted to without even realizing it – because those foods are so “normal” in our diets these days.

So I know tomorrow is going to really stink.  However, I know that if I just get through the first two days, it will pass, and I will start to feel better and better throughout the program.

I’m going to face some additional, logistical challenges this time that were not a problem last time.  I’ll write about those and how I deal with them, as I face them.  I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know if Day 1 turns out to be better, worse, or about the same as last time.


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