Purification – Day 1

Just a brief intro to the structure of the purification plan, to make this easier to understand.

For the first 10 days, I can eat all the vegetables I want and up to half as many fruits.  There are Standard Process shakes I can have 3-5 times a day (last time, I typically had three each day.)  And I can eat a couple of small servings of lentils, brown rice or quinoa.  That’s it.  Just to spell it out for you, that means, no dairy, no meat, no beans, no seeds, no grains/breads, no caffeine or other stimulants, no sugar, no processed foods, and no alcohol.

On Day 11, select, lean proteins can be added.  All the other rules still apply.  Now that that’s out of the way….

Yesterday, I prepared for the purification by shopping for the things I would need.  This included fruits and vegetables, as I already had quinoa, lentils, and brown rice.  I specifically grabbed the veggies and vegetable stock I would need to prepare some soups I can eat during the first 10 days of the program.  Raw veggies are great, but you simply cannot chew enough salad to get through a day where vegetables are the bulk of your diet.  So soup it is.  Standard Process has recipes available to make this easier.  My favorite purification soup came from another source, but I can’t find the link to share it.  When I figure it out, I’ll include it in a post.

Just like last time, I’d originally planned to give up coffee (and other forms of caffeine) for a week (or at least a few days) before starting the program.  But I was never going to get started that way, so I had to just jump right in, and I had to do the same thing this time.

I woke up with a headache – just as I do about half the time lately.  I feel like I’m getting enough sleep, but maybe haven’t been sleeping well.  I was up early to run, in the freezing cold, but I had to cut my run short because I thought my hip felt funny and I didn’t want to risk it.  At least I was up and moving.

When I got back from my run, I had my first shake of the day.  I guess I’m still used to them from the last time because I didn’t think it tasted bad.  In the spring, they were very much an acquired taste.  I prepared it with a big fist full of spinach, plus a couple of frozen strawberries and chunks of frozen mango.  I think the freezy pieces help with the taste and feel a lot.  Through the morning, I munched on some raw veggies, and at lunch time I had my second shake and a half cup serving of lentils.

Dinner consisted of a big bowl of cauliflower-carrot soup, some more lentils, and another shake.

All in all, I felt better than expected today.  Although the morning headache left me feeling fuzzy, I chalked that up to my normal state of being, and not being on the purification.  And despite the fact that I somehow didn’t get a crushing, caffeine withdrawal headache when I jumped into the purification cold turkey in the spring, I was still nervous that I wouldn’t get that lucky a second time.  But I’m happy to report that I did not get a bad headache or crave something with caffeine specifically.

Once again, I did not feel hungry throughout the day.  I repeat: I did NOT feel hungry.  However – same as last time – I almost constantly, wanted “something” else.  The effects of eliminating a bunch of “bad” things makes it very clear that I eat way more often and way more junk than I even realize.  I very clearly understand the definition of “craving” now.  I just wanted something, anything else – a bite of something sweet, something salty, something crunchy, something carby, anything.  But I told myself I could manage it.  I got through the first day much better than I’d hoped.

I also weighed myself this morning for the first time in ages.  I’d been too scared!  And now I know why!  I’m at the very top end of the 15 or so pounds I’ve been swinging for the past two years.  Starting the purification couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’ll be interested to see if the scale changes already tomorrow morning.  I’ll be sure to report – and to have an even more pleasant day tomorrow as the cravings begin to subside!


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