Purification – Days 2-5

Well, it’s early in Day 5, but I thought I’d provide an update while I have the time.

My success with the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program, along with a good Day 1, had me a little over confident about the rest of this week. It’s been a little rougher than I expected, but I’m hanging in there.

Let’s start with the bad news.  I got a headache – a pretty bad one – on both Days 2 & 3.  It was coming from across the bridge of my nose, which is not my typical headache.  The purification literature says that often times people will experience pain or other symptoms around old injuries, even ones that happened decades ago.  It sounds like a bad thing, but it’s because more healing is sometimes required, even if you didn’t know you still had a problem in that area.  I’ve never broken my nose, but I did fall on my face at gymnastics as a kid.  I put my teeth into my lower lip, and I believe I got a nose bleed.  Maybe it was that, or maybe that’s just what my detox headache felt like this time.

Fortunately, I also had my appointment at Keystone Spinal Care on Tuesday (which is also where I got my purification kit).  That helped my headache some.  Later in the day when it was bothering me again, I dealt with it by lying down in the dark for a spell, eating my healthy food, and drinking more water.  It helped a lot, but didn’t completely knock it out, so I had to muscle through.  In addition, I felt pretty sluggish on Days 2 & 3.  Having a headache will do that to you, but I think my body was also still adjusting to the nutritional changes.  Furthermore, on Wednesday (Day 3), I felt uncomfortable and out of whack around my hips and low back, but that passed quickly with a little stretching.  (I didn’t exercise those days, and I find that lack of movement will make my back a little stiff.)

But the good news is that I woke up yesterday (Day 4) and today feeling good.  Yesterday, I got myself going for the day with a short weight workout in the basement (it was short because I over slept a bit).  Today, I got in a three-mile run in the cold – which felt great in spite of the cold.

Additional good news:  I’ve lost 6.2 pounds.  This could be easily dismissed at water weight and not a “real” weight loss, but I know better from my last round with the purification, when I lost eight pounds the first week.  Plus, I’m able to wear slacks that I couldn’t button a week ago.  Amazing what a few days of really treating your body right with nourishing food will do for you!

Finally – and I realize this picture isn’t totally convincing – I appear to already be de-puffing some.  Here’s my eye this morning:


Right eye

Okay, not perfect, but less puffy – especially for first thing in the morning!

I have also had this little rashy area under that eye that’s been coming and going.  It’s cleared up some.  I’m anxious to see if it keeps clearing up and stays away or if it comes back again.  I’m not sure if it’s just tiny blemishes or some other condition.  For example, even though it’s only just started to get cold, my skin is already starting to get a little dry and flaky like it does in the winter.

Looking back over the week, I have to wonder if my headaches (and other aches) were due to detox or just lack of calories.  Unlike last time, I’m having to manage this purification on the run more.  For example, Tuesday evening, I had to eat my lentils and have my shake in the car.  Normally, I make the shake in the blender and can add some veggies and fruit.  Also, since I’ve been so busy, I think I have been consuming the bare minimum amount of food.  I’m going to try to make sure I am eating my veggies and fruits throughout the days.

Related to that, here’s an amusing story.  I had to take my midday shake with me again yesterday (Day 4).  When I first mixed it up, it was a little thick, so I decided to add more water.  I was in the car, so I waited until I was at a red light, added the water, made a big deal of making sure the lid was screwed on my shaker, and gave it a good shake.  The problem was this guy:


Note to self: Make sure you hear the ‘click.’

I’d closed the flappy thing over the spout, but it didn’t click shut.  Shake all over me and the car.  Basically, I looked like I threw up on myself.  I didn’t think to take a picture of my lap, but here’s part of what happened to my car.

Car mess

At least it didn’t smell like vomit.

Tonight I face the first of my “big” obstacles for this purification: My husband and I are going to a dinner with my co-workers.  And I have to leave for the dinner straight from my appointment.  I ordered a salad for dinner, can’t partake of any of the alcohol (and, I’m told, my boss brings plenty o’ it), and I’m going to have to eat my lentils and have my shake on the run again.  It’s a bummer I can’t have some yummier food at the Mexican restaurant or enjoy some adult beverages, but I’m planning ahead so that I won’t be hungry and it won’t be tortuously tempting.

I’ll check back in by Monday to give a summary of finishing week one of three!


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