Purification – Survived Week 1!

Today starts week two of the purification program.  I’m happy to say that I successfully survived the first seven days, even though it was harder than I expected.

Let’s start with some good news.  I had a work dinner on Friday at a Mexican restaurant, which I was a little nervous about.  Fortunately, I have understanding co-workers who were supportive of my efforts.  I did experience just a little bit of teasing about having to order a salad when there were all these delicious dishes to choose from, but no one tried to tell me that it was okay to “cheat” or that I should make an exception because it was a special occasion.

When we first arrived, I felt a little awkward about drinking my iced water and abstaining from the appetizers while everyone else enjoyed their favorite adult beverages and munched on appetizers including chips with salsa and guacamole, fried chicken, and meats and cheeses.  After a bit, they did bring out some celery and a dip.  In spite of pretty much hating celery, I had some with guac because it at least gave me something to do, while I waited for my salad.  Oddly enough, once my salad finally arrived, I was super happy with it.  It was pretty ordinary at first, but then the server suggested that I could add a serving of fajita veggies to it and that made all the difference.  It was quite tasty and I felt confident that I really had eaten plenty of vegetables on Friday.  It wasn’t the ideal scenario to experience during the purification, but I felt really good about myself that I was able to manage it effectively.

The “bad” news was that, over the weekend, I was still feeling pretty exhausted, when I was expecting to start having my energy bounce back.  I took a nap on both Saturday and Sunday, which left me feeling better but like I wasted a lot of free, weekend time.  I’m not sure if I was still just not getting enough calories, or if I just legitimately wasn’t getting enough sleep last week, or if I’m under more stress (I am) than I was when I did the purification in the spring, but I could not snap out of it.

So far today, I am feeling great, though.  I’m hoping that I rounded the corner on the sluggish feelings and that week two is going to be more energetic for me.  I’m going to need all the strength, confidence, and energy I can get because this weekend’s challenge is even greater than the work dinner:  We are going out of town Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Fortunately, I can add lean protein after this Wednesday, which will make it significantly easier to manage eating out for three days.  I’ll just have to pack my tools for making my shakes and then order a grilled chicken breast or something similar with a big salad or order of veggies.  So the timing is good.  I’m not sure it would be possible for me, otherwise.

In other news, my skin is remaining very clear in spite of the fact that this is prime time this month for it to blow up on me!  It feels really smooth and it not breaking out at all.  Fingers crossed that it stays that way!

I’ll maybe check in again later in the week to write about my energy level.  If not, I will definitely be back Sunday or Monday to write about how it goes on our trip!


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