Purification Week 1 – Additional Observations

After I created the last post, a few things hit me.

For one, I was writing about how tired I was over the weekend, but it didn’t dawn on me that I was feeling just plain old, regular sleepy, and not fuzzy-headed tired.  I definitely lost that head-in-a-fog feeling.  It’s funny: you walk around like that for so long and it starts to feel “normal.”  You’d think that when something helps you lift that feeling, you’d have this EUREKA! moment, but it just didn’t sink in right away that I’ve been feeling normal-normal and not just used-to-fuzziness normal!

Related to the tired/sleepy thing:  I stayed up a little too late on Monday night.  I was busy, and then I misplaced something and kind of got obsessed with finding it (I didn’t).  But I felt just fine all day yesterday until the evening.  Then I started feeling suddenly Tired, and I went to bed early last night.  I feel like I used to be able to weather the one night of a little lost sleep better.  But it occurred to me this morning that it’s not, “Man this purification is making me tired!”  It’s more like, “Nice, this purification is reminding me that it’s important to get enough sleep!”

Additionally, as I was running around yesterday for work, having my shake, lentils, and baby carrots on the run – and feeling like I just needed more to eat – it really drove it home for me that I need some better plans for taking care of myself through the day.  And by that I mean for now, as I finish this 21-day program, as well as for when I have completed it.  Because I’m on this program, I’m doing a much better job of taking with me what I need to nourish myself through the day.  At least mostly.  But typically, I grab a snack or two to eat through the day, and then I often eat too much (or eat something unhealthy/no-nourishing) when I get home.  One of my challenges this time is that soup or salad makes a great meal for getting enough vegetables into my body, but those are difficult to eat in the car, even if I stop during my travels through the day.  I need to begin now with brainstorming some ideas for lunches that I can eat on the go that will still be healthy and nourishing – and prevent me from stopping at a convenience store for peanuts or something all the time.

Finally, I was feeling frustrated about the scale being “stuck” where I was at the end of Days 5 & 6.  At the same time, I was thinking about this coming weekend when we are going to be traveling.  While we’re away, I’m going to be able to stick to the spirit of the purification – by taking my shakes with me and by ordering lean protein and veggies or a salad.  However, I’m not going to be able to stick to what might be the ideal of the program.  For example, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to order brown rice or lentils, and I may or may not be able to get in as many veggies as I would be able to if we were at home with access to my refrigerator.  I was really looking forward to dropping 10-12 pounds like I did the last time I completed the purification.  But I realize now that I need to shift my focus.  The important thing here is that I’m working to purify my body of stimulants, sugar, additives, etc.  And it’s setting me up to develop better habits and making me aware of weaknesses (like the having good food on the go thing) so that I can continue to lead a healthy lifestyle after the 21 days is over.  That will help me focus on eating healthy and on losing the weight I need to lose over the long-term.  Which is perfect, considering we’re entering the holiday season.  How great would it be to not gain weight this holiday season – or to even drop a few pounds?!

So the analysis at this point is: This purification isn’t going flawlessly, but I’m looking for the positive.  It’s not just about the specific results – at least with respect to weight loss – during this 21-day period.  It’s about habits, learning, self-care, and focus.  And I’m feeling positive that it’s giving me the boost I need to move my weight and overall health in a positive direction for the long haul.

I’ll be back after the long, travel weekend to report on how that goes!


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