I’m Melissa Lehman, wife to Bob and mom to two girls, Emily and Cora.  I started a Couch to 5K program when I was 40 simply to lose weight.  I thought the first few weeks would kill me, but later I came to love it, and I started adding faster times and longer races (10Ks and half marathons) to my goals.

God has blessed me in so many ways through running.  My favorite things about running are:

– There’s always something new to pursue.  I different type of workout.  A faster race time.  A longer race distance. Simply adding weekly miles.  Non-runners think it sounds boring, but it’s never boring.  (Except sometimes when you’re forced to walk, but that’s another matter entirely.)

– Having more energy for my family.  I can now chase my kids around the yard without fear of collapse!

– My running friends!  The women I run with – and those I can’t keep up with – are some awesome people.  Plus, I’ve made so many new friends through running.  We encourage & support each other so much – in running and other aspects of our lives.

– The larger running community.  You don’t have to know a runner to know a runner.  Complete strangers will cheer you on at a race.  And it doesn’t matter how much slower or faster you are, everyone is just happy to be there together.  Plus, there’s this whole subculture of runners poking fun of ourselves for the crazy stuff we do.

– A better body, inside and out.  I have a ways to go before I reach my fitness goals, but I am well on my way and I feel about a zillion times better than I did a couple of years ago.  From getting me out of bed in the morning, to giving me more energy, to helping me improve my appearance, running enriches my life in a variety of physical and mental ways.


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